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Cesenatico and the surrounding areas

By the sea in Emilia Romagna: just the holiday you were looking for …

A holiday spent in Cesenatico is much more than a simple seaside holiday.
Right in the heart of a privileged area that combines sea, culture, art and entertainment, this city is the ideal destination for all types of holiday.

Art, history and culture

History and art lovers will be able to visit the canal port designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1500 as well as the Floating Marine Museum.


Then, only a few kilometres from Cesenatico you can find Ravenna with its mausoleums and mosaics which will bring the splendour of the Byzantine area back to life.


By moving further inland and travelling approximately fifty kilometres south, you will be able to visit Bertinoro, Santarcangelo, Longiano, Gradara, San Leo and San Marino, which will be a pleasure to your eyes and to your spirit with their examples of medieval architecture and marvellous panoramas.



Sport and outdoor activities

In this area, you can breathe sport in the air and the surrounding area offers many opportunities to carry out outdoor activities.

From the museum dedicated to the cycling champion Marco Pantani, to the many cycling races including the important Nove Colli (Nine Hills) race, the surrounding countryside and hills offer several natural itineraries that are particularly popular with motorbike and mountain bike enthusiasts.

Moreover, a 5- minute walk from our hotel will take your to the Parco di Levante, a park which is ideal for jogging and strolls.



We mustn’t forget that Cesenatico is situated in the beating heart of the Adriatic Coast, the homeland of entertainment.

There are many  restaurants, nightclubs and cocktail bars within the city centre and along the seaside promenade which enliven the streets together with numerous events that culminate at the weekend with the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), in July.

Only a few kilometres away there are other milestones of the Emilia Romagna nightlife: Milano Marittima and Cervia, which are particularly popular with young people, together with a couple of other locations which are situated a little further away: Rimini and Riccione.

Finally, at the Hotel Plaza you will also find tickets with discounts and special agreements that we have been made with the most important amusement parks on the Adriatic Coast: Atlantica, Mirabilandia, Italia in Miniatura … every day you will be able to have a new adventure!